Threat Hunting Workshop

14 oktober 2019
09:30u - 16:30u
The Hague

Are you a security analyst, practitioner or just interested in incident response and threat hunting? Then this workshop is for you.


Incident response should be at the top of every organization’s cybersecurity strategy. You will learn how to conduct a forensically sound investigation by following the chain of command rules that apply in digital forensics and threat hunting. This hands-on workshop gives you real-world experience at conducting an incident response investigation and threat hunting using a set of tools including network traffic analytics.


What You Will Learn:
  • Incident investigation tools and techniques  
  • Threat hunting  
  • Common techniques employed by adversaries 
  • How to follow a chain of command rules that apply in digital forensics 

Participants will receive a workshop completion certificate.


Who Should Attend:

Security analysts, incident managers, practitioners or anyone interested in learning about incident response. Our goal is to teach you how to effectively respond to incidents and hunt for threats to improve your organizational security posture.


  • Laptop with VMware workstation
  • Suggested experience of 2 years in cyber security field to get the most out of the workshop
  • Tools and required products are provided by Bitdefender  

It is assumed that the participants are already aware of the key terms and concepts related to cyber security. The training focuses on real use cases of incident response using tools, deep process discussions, or similar level of content.

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