The Hague Hacks Festival 2019

06 december 2019
The Hague Humanity Hub Fluwelen Burgwal 58
The Hague Peace Projects

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to participate at The Hague Hacks Festival 2019, on December 6th at The Hague Humanity Hub.


The Hague Hacks Festival is our main idea-creation event of the year where human rights defenders engage with a wide diversity of cross-sector expertise to share their experiences and unpack human rights violations in their communities.


At the Festival, we bring tech experts, designers, engineers, academics etc., as well as human rights defenders, diaspora members, and human rights problem-owners together to pursue innovative new ideas for human rights advocacy which we believe would not occur outside of our Festival Ideation sessions. As such, we would like to formally invite you to join us at The Hague Hacks festival on December 6th and share your skills and expertise with one of our workshops.


This year’s theme for the Festival is Set Free: Tech to Empower Human Rights and Freedoms. We will be focusing on five global challenges to human rights and freedoms:

  • Political Participation (Nicaragua),
  • Gender Inequality (Bangladesh),
  • Peace Education (Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Turkey/Kurdistan, North Korea),
  • Right to Expression and Association (Hong Kong).
  • Environment and Human Rights(International).

It is important to note that The Hague Hacks Festival is not just a one-day event. An independent assessment committee will decide which of the most promising and workable ideas that emerge from our festival will enter our 'Design for Activism' program. Here, their further design, development, and funding will be pursued with the goal of producing and sustaining them as effective long-term interventions or solutions to these global challenges.


The Hague Hacks Festival is an opportunity to collectively engage in solving the problems we all want to see solved. We believe that your experience, knowledge, and talents would enrich the conversations and help lead to fruitful and effective new technologies that can empower human rights advocacy. A Festival Schedule is included with this invitation so that you may familiarize yourself with our program. To learn more about The Hague Hacks we encourage you to consult our website, blog, and an after-movie of The Hague Hacks Festival 2018.


For the programme, click here.