SME Connect Chat & Consult Session

03 september 2018
13:30u - 14:30u
HSD Campus Wilhelmina van Pruisenweg 104, 7th floor
KvK, RVO, HSD Office

Are you in need of advice, help or do you want information on how to reach your (international) ambitions as an SME in the world of security? Would you like to receive directions on how to protect your (business)idea and digital innovations, also in collaboration with others? Come to meet, connect, consult and chat with our SME Connect Team!


The SME Connect Consult & Chat session is hosted every first Monday of the month at the HSD Campus from 13.30 till 14.30 hours, on the 7th floor. The consultation session is free of charge, and an appointment is not necessary.


You, as an entrepreneur, can speed up your own decisions by consulting the SME Connect Team on the spot. If you are (or will be) innovating in technologies and solutions for the complex security questions in the domains of national or urban security, protection of critical infrastructures, cyber security and forensic research, come and have a chat with us.


What is SME Connect?

SME Connect is the “integrated” helpdesk of HSD for innovative SMEs and entrepreneurs from the security sector looking to grow their businesses or seeking opportunities for innovation and/or funding. In other words, SME Connect is the 'Point of Contact' for SMEs. At SME Connect, HSD Office closely collaborates with the Chamber of Commerce (KvK) and Octrooicentrum Nederland (RVO) who all share a joint ambition to help SMEs achieve their goals. The consultants and Innovation Liaisons have a good understanding of the security sector, its business environment and the (financial) regulations on a European, regional, and local level. These professionals have a broad network of relevant businesses and relations, and are ready to help you!

SME Connect can help you achieve your ambitions through the following services:

  • Networking and matchmaking
  • Guidance and advice on innovation
  • Guidance and advice on how to protect your digital idea and gain from it.
  • Technological and process-oriented knowledge
  • Information about programmes, rules and regulations
  • Information about financing and insurance
  • Information about establishing/relocating a business
  • Information about doing business (internationally)

We hope to see you on the first Monday of the month at our consult!

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