Serious Game on Trusted Tradelane Innovation

27 oktober 2015 - 29 oktober 2015
Exhibition Hall, Rotterdam

You are invited to truly experience ‘Trusted Tradelane Innovation’ and to have the opportunity to play the Chain Game, developed by TNO in the CASSANDRA project. The playing sessions are organized by TNO and powered by the Dutch Topsector Logistics Innovation Programme on Trade Compliance and Border Management and the CORE innovation project on Supply Chain Security ( The playing sessions take place on:

Wednesday 28 October from 14:15-15:45 in the Exhibition Hall at Stand number 23-25.
Wednesday 28 October from 16:00-17:30 in the Exhibition Hall at Stand number 23-25 

The Chain Game is an excellent training tool to support the mindset shift from a ‘transaction-based’ thinking towards a ‘chain-oriented’ multiparty approach in controlling global trade transactions. The Chain Game illustrates how innovative data-sharing concepts can make supply chains more robust, reliable and efficient. In this stimulating game environment, fully digitalized with an electronic tough table and tablets to for each player, players stand around a fully digital tough table with electronic tablets and are permanently confronted with  decisions and incidents that require them to share resources, contribute insights and align not only with the other supply chain partners, but also with Customs. The game lasts 90 minutes, including introduction and a debriefing discussion. The game will be played with 10 persons, couples for each of the 5 supply chain roles: 2 manufacturers, 2 freight forwarders and one importing retailer selling the products to the customers. See the attached brochure for more information.

It is important to engage in the underlying vision and raise awareness for the potential of this game in accelerating the realization of trusted tradelanes and development of innovative control and supervision models recognizing this. We therefore sent similar invitations to private sector participants aiming to set up joint play sessions merging public and private participants. We thus hope to receive your interest in joining us in one of the play sessions. Could you please reply to this email and inform us which of the two sessions you would like participate?