Secura Webinar: UNECE Cybersecurity and Software Updates Regulation - The Calm Before the Storm

10 juni 2021
11:00u - 11:45u
Secura B.V.

The webinar will present insights into the upcoming regulations from UNECE: Cybersecurity (R155) and Software Updates (R156). These regulations will become mandatory for vehicle manufacturers within a short time frame, therefore proper preparation is essential. After a short discussion on the contents of the regulation, the webinar will focus on the practical ways in which these can be approached, for example by relying on relevant standards such as ISO SAE 21434. A conclusion including timelines for implementation will be provided at the end.

1. Overview of UNECE's regulatory environment
2. UNECE Cybersecurity regulation (R155)
3. UNECE Software Updates regulation (R156)
4. ISO SAE 21434 - brief introduction and relation to R155
5. Conclusions and timeline.

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