Secura Webinar: "Impact wijzigingen DigiD 2.0 | Update 2020"

09 september 2020
11:00u - 11:45u

Are you prepared for the DigiD audit for 2020?

DigiD is a product of the Dutch government for civilians to authenticate themselves with for public services in the Netherlands. Organisations that use DigiD are mandated to perform security assessments annually since 2013. The rules around DigiD assessments are continuously evaluated and renewed.

During this webinar, we are sharing our experiences and points of attention for 2020. We explain and give concrete advice around the most recent changes. This way, you will be well-prepared for the 2020 audit!

The webinar will be given in Dutch.

- The DigiD assessment and context
- What did we learn from our experiences?
- Attention points for the changes in 2020
- Preview for 2021
- Summary of points of attention

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