RPAS 2014 Conference

23 juni 2014 - 26 juni 2014
09:00u - 17:45u
Central Brussels
UVS International

UVS International is a non-profit association registered with the Chamber of Commerce in The Hague, The Netherlands and operates out of offices in Paris, France. It represents manufacturers of remotely piloted systems (RPS), related subsystems and critical components and associated equipment, as well as companies supplying services with (operators) or for RPS, research organisations and academia. In this context, RPS should be understood as re-useable and expendable remotely piloted air, space, terrestrial and maritime systems (civil & military), as well as non-reusable remotely piloted air, ground & naval target systems.

UVS International federates national associations in this sector and represents over 850 corporate, academic and institutional members in 42 countries on 5 continents. 

RPAS 2014 will highlight:
- RPAS operations (govermental; commercial; non-commercial - including corporate);
- The current commercial RPAS situation in Europe (more than 1500 certificated operators);
- How this has been made possible;
- What is being put in place to permit further development of the RPAS market;
- How this will effect European, as well as non-European, RPAS manufacturers & operators.

RPAS 2014 is the only conference to address:
- The incremental insertion of RPAS into European airspace;
- The European RPAS Roadmap & its implementation;
- How Europe is structuring itself to meet this challenge;
- All aspects of commercial RPAS operations;
- All relevent regulatory & policy issues.