Peace Palace Lectures

31 augustus 2016 - 01 september 2016
00:-1u - 00:-1u
Peace Palace, The Hague
TU Delft
Rules and Exceptions in War: Determinacy vs. Discretion
Prof. Henry Shue - University of Oxford

Henry Shue, Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for International Studies [CIS] of the Department of Politics and International Relations, Professor Emeritus of Politics and International Relations, and Senior Research Fellow Emeritus at Merton College at the University of Oxford is best-known for his book, Basic Rights, (Princeton 1980; 2nd edition, 1996); for his articles, ‘Torture’ (1978) and ‘Subsistence Emissions and Luxury Emissions’ (1993); and for pioneering the sub-field of International Normative Theory.
Panel Chair: Prof.dr. M.J. van den Hoven
Panel: Prof. S.R.M. Miller
Prof. T. Erskine

Wednesday 31 August
17:00h - 19:30h (drinks included)

The fundamental rules for the conduct of war in the laws of armed conflict are exceptionless: never target civilians, always select the military objective expected to cause the least danger to civilian lives, and so on, Philosophers tend to view this as crude and to believe the lawyers need help. Some terrorists claim exceptions for killing civilians in the name of necessity (and responsibility). Some counter-terrorists claim exceptions for killing civilians in the name of responsibility (and necessity). I will sketch a wide variety of reasons for believing that exceptionless laws are exactly appropriate for limiting killing.

Thursday September 1st
17:00h – 19:30h (drinks included)

Artificial Intelligence and Human Values (panel discussion)
Bennie Mols

Panel: Prof. Joanna J. Bryson,
Prof.dr Dirk Helbinq,
Prof. Michael Bratman
Dr. Bernard ter Haar

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