Nice Global Forum on Homeland Security

02 februari 2016 - 05 februari 2016
Nice, Frankrijk
Nice Global Forum

As a Smart City, Nice is hosting the Nice Global Forum on Homeland Security and Crisis Management. Their point of view is to consolidate and strengthen the cooperation, sharing knowledge, ability and accumulated experience in the field of homeland security threats and natural disasters.

Homeland Security
◾Critical Infrastructure
◾Securing shopping centers and malls
◾Securing public transportation
◾Securing air travel
◾Maritime Security
◾Securing the energy sector
◾Securing the banking industry and capital markets
◾Securing health facilities and pharma industry. (Physical and cyber security)

Natural disasters
◾Climate issue
◾Earthquakes and tsunamis
◾Hurricanes and typhoons
◾Epidemics and biological threats

Public order
◾Policing and Safe Cities
◾Demonstrations and riots
◾Sporting events
◾The role of Social Media