Matchmaking event: DRONE-DAYS 2.0

13 mei 2020
10:00u - 17:30u
Hôtel de la Poste, Tour & Taxis Avenue du Port 86c 1000, Brussels
Hub.Brussels, Enterprise Europe Network

WHO should participate?

  • Security players 
  • Civil security (civil protection, fire brigades, first responders, private players)
  • Drone companies (service providers, products' manufacturers, etc) 
  • Economic and academic players active in more traditional sectors 

Participant types: 

  • Companies / Start-up
  • Universities / Research Centres
  • Associations/Federations
  • Public Authorities/Governmental organisations
  • NGOs
  • Investors / Finance / Business Angels
  • Clusters

Focus areas

Civil & commercial use of drones (known as well as RPAS or UAV) has endless application’s domains:

  • Security, Emergency response, safety, humanitarian sector / Law enforcement 
  • Smart mobility / Transport
  • Inspection of Power Grids,
  • Wind and Solar parks inspections,
  • Environment, Agriculture, Forestry,
  • Inspection or monitoring of plants, pipelines,
  • Telecommunication
  • Architecture
  • Buildings and civil engineer works,
  • Cinematography, photography, aerial imaging / Corporate-marketing promotion
  • Parcel delivery
  • Tourism
  • Sport
  • Healthcare

AND have close links / interdependencies with:

IoT  /  A.I. / V.R. / Data / Blockchain

WHY participate?

> As a drone company, meet representatives from end-users sectors and discuss win-win collaborations.

> As a company from a more traditional sector, do NOT dismiss a new technology as irrelevant to what you do, since it could turn out to to be a great opportunity … for YOUR competitors !

Registration fees : HERE

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