Managing Business Value of IT

02 juni 2021
19:00u - 20:00u
ISACA NL Chapter

Managing the business value of IT is the primary objective of good IT Governance. There is an old management axiom: You cannot manage what you do not measure. Yet many organisations do a very poor job (or no job at all) of measuring the business value of their large-scale investments in IT. One of the single most important challenges to ensure value is a clear and common understanding of business strategy and objectives, and these objectives need to become part of the daily decision-making process and should be communicated to all relevant levels of the organisation to prevent a delivery that falls short of expectations. In the absence of proper IT governance structure and practices, IT response to business needs is reactive, unplanned, and lacks ability to set priorities among competing expectations. All projects become number-one priority and, with budgets being flat, it is difficult to know where to focus.


This session will introduce a practical approach for setting up IT Investment management practice using COBIT to manage business value of IT.