KPN Guest Hacker Program

16 maart 2017
14:00u - 15:30u
The Hague, Maanplein 55, TP5, serre

At our next Guest Hacker Program on March 16th, 2-3:30 PM, at KPN in The Hague, we welcome a special international guest. Mikko Karikytö, Head of the Ericsson Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT), will talk about the challenges of securing a fast-changing networked society, sharing insights on how the Ericsson approaches security, from R&D processes to incident response.

The ever changing cybersecurity space is moving faster than ever. A multitude of new systems and services are entering this space every day. Together they make clouds, the Internet of Things and, why not, the Networked Society - A state of the new networked world "where every person and every industry are empowered to reach their full potential".

‘The moving target keeps us security dudes awake - always watching and always alert’, says Mikko. ‘As the Head of Ericsson Product Security Incident Response Team I will present you how we at Ericsson look at the security of the Networked Society. How all the internal R&D processes are tuned to produce robust, secure systems. And how, when things go wrong, the response is guaranteed anywhere, anytime and always.'

Our true constituency are the 2.5 billion people who are served with the life changing services running through nodes, clouds, and networks designed and produced by Ericsson. When there is a sign of violation of the privacy of those people, or security of our customers' business in any of the 190 and more countries, a light is thrown to the clouds, and it doesn't say "Batman" – it says PSIRT.’

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