Interreg CYBER: Paving Europe's Digital Future

13 oktober 2021
10:00u - 16:00u
European Cyber Security Organisation

On the 13th October, the interactive matchmaking event ‘Interreg Europe CYBER: Paving Europe’s Digital Future’ will take place virtually, offering you a chance to engage with a variety of regional cybersecurity initiatives that have been successfully implemented and significantly improved the respective cybersecurity ecosystems. The event will be giving visibility to the CYBER project partners’ regional cybersecurity initiatives. Interested stakeholders will have a unique chance to meet CYBER project partners and learn about their good practices and policy experiences at the matchmaking event. 

Through this event, the European Cyber Security Organisation hopes to inspire their audience members to replicate and adapt good practices and policy experiences in their regional ecosystems. Ultimately, they seek to communicate the CYBER project’s achievements in order to contribute to the consolidation of the fragmented European cybersecurity market.

Register to learn first-hand about the experiences of CYBER Project Partners. Discover how to adapt good practices and policy experiences to your own regional ecosystems.