Intelligence Roadshow | The Convergence of Threats: How to Stay Ahead of Cyber and Physical Adversaries

13 april 2023
12:30u - 17:15u
HSD Campus
Recorded Future

The attack surfaces organisations have to protect are bigger now than ever. Threats are coming from every angle, and organisations need to understand business risk — everything from cyberattacks, physical security & operational disruptions, attacks on their reputation, and more.


Join Recorded Future experts and peers for an in-person event in The Hague that will look at examples of threat convergence, highlight top business risk areas you should be monitoring, and provide actionable solutions to get ahead of your threat landscape.

You will leave this session with:

  • An understanding of the convergence of cyber and physical threats
  • A look at historic and current examples of threats converging and their impacts
  • Real-world examples of using the Recorded Future Intelligence Cloud to identify, monitor, and stay ahead of cyber and physical threats