Industrial Control Cybersecurity Europe

29 september 2015 - 30 september 2015
08:00u - 17:00u
Crown Plaza Docklands, United Kingdom
The Cyber Senate

Goals of the conference
The goal of the conference – to enhance dialogue and information sharing between public and private sectors, providing participants an opportunity to contribute and engage on some of our country’s most pressing security threats surrounding critical national infrastructure. Our vision as a collective to enhance resilience and the adoption of cybersecurity controls within the Energy, Water, Oil, Gas, Electric and Nuclear sector.

Target Audience
The Industrial Control Cybersecurity Europe conference consists of presentations and debate from some of the energy industry’s leading end users from Operational and IT backgrounds, Government influencers, leading cybersecurity authorities and some of the world’s most influential solution providers. Please contact us for past attending references.

Why you cannot miss 2015

  • Gain further understanding convergence of operational and information technology transformation
  • Develop a better understanding of current areas of vulnerability, threat detection, mitigation, maturity capability models and risk management.
  • Take away tools to assist in developing organisational priorities, methodologies and how to effectively deploy defense in-depth strategies.
  • Hear how your industry counterparts are defining and benchmarking return on investment for cybersecurity procurement, supplier responsibilities and adapting new models for incident response.
  • Take part and contribute to the technological transformation IT/OT shift involving design, implementation and integration requiring the collaborative efforts of two unique but historically different skillsets.