Improve your online security: Hack Your Boardroom

04 juli 2019
15:30u - 19:00u
Loetje aan 't IJ, Werfkade 14, 1033 RA Amsterdam
Bringing (more) hackers in to test security is a topic guaranteed to stir up the boardroom. If you decide to introduce this topic, prepare your case with care, because you’ll definitely hear these three arguments from your C-level peers:
- “How can we trust hackers we don’t know? They could be criminals and a threat to our company.”
- “Why would we be hacked? We’re not that interesting.”
- “How can we be sure the hackers that work for us are ethical? What if they don’t report issues to us, but sell them on the black market?”

Our program
That is why we want to help you make the case by telling you exactly everything you need to know about how hackers help. Our program:
- Our CEO, Edwin van Andel, will help you answer the questions mentioned above. He will also explain why the topic of security shouldn't (only) be the responsibility of your IT-department. Finally, Edwin will talk about the flows and processes needed within your organisation to successfully achieve a higher security maturity level.
- Jeroen Prinse, Security Officer at AEGON, shares his companies experience about working with the Zerocopter Researchers and the results of that collaboration.
- One of our ethical hackers / Zerocopter Researchers explains in detail how he and his co-hackers ensure no intruders get access while they do their job.

Afterwards, we’ll have a drink and discuss what tactics are best suited for the needs your teams have and how you can convince all those seated in the board meeting to improve online security by bringing in the power of the (hacker-)crowd.

We have a limited amount of seats (25-30). Get on the list and meet with other Information Security Officers and C-level executives.

15:30 Walk in
16:00 Start program
18:00-19:00 Drinks, relaxing, networking