ICP TAP meet up

27 maart 2018
16:00u - 18:00u
Science Campus, Leiden University

On behalf of the International Community Platform (ICP) and partners we kindly invite you to the ICP TAP meet up, Tuesday 27 March, 16 hrs @Science Campus of Leiden University @Leiden Bio science Park.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the international employers of ICP are proud to share the Art of creating a Global Talent Hub.

Jolanda Riel, ICP Board member and Director of Operational Management @Leiden University will highlight attributes for global talent competitiveness. What roles do you – and other stakeholders – have in attracting, growing and retaining global talent for this greater Leiden region?

Leiden municipality, Expat Center Leiden, the business parks in the region, local service providers and entrepreneurs enable the international knowledge worker. Lara Ummels and Corine van der Ceelen would like to validate their plans with you.

And a unique opportunity to witness the launch of the Leiden chatbot, an innovative AI solution to create diverse talent pools for your business, hub or city. Nieke Campagne, Project Manager @Leiden Career Center invites you to join!

Join us for an inspiring meet up with professionals in the international business community. Tap into the knowledge of the audience to enable your business to grow.