ICP Captains’ Conference 2015

04 september 2015
09:00u - 13:00u
WTC The Hague
ICP, WFIA, City of The Hague

ICP research shows that attractive growth perspectives make professionals opt for a life-career in the Netherlands. However, with a meagre score of 6,1 we don’t seem to deliver on this promise. 

A risk in the global war for talent?

Rens de Jong will guide you through a highly dynamic program with great guests: • Introduction: Sourcing a responsive economy. Securing access to talent.
• Talents share their Passion, Purpose, Potential
• Small, medium and large employers about their talent challenges (Nightbalance, HSD partner HackerOne, CB&I)
• Releasing untapped growth potential by award winning Prof. Moenaert
• Showtime!
• Pitch: Access to Talent Platform, connecting global Players with Potential.

Contribute live to the outcomes of the conference and the ICP research program by interactive polling.

RSVP before 20 August to Nicole van Haelst, Director ICP, vanhaelst@icplatform.nl.