HSD Café: Cloud Security

17 december 2015
16:30u - 18:00u
HSD Campus

We’re increasingly relying on cloud computing services to store and process our digital data. Despite is growing presence, such services are relatively new. As with most new services, it is still rather prone to certain outside (and inside) threats.

Data breaches, data loss, and service traffic hijacking are all significant dangers to cloud security. But what does cloud security exactly encompass? Which developments can be distinguished? What risks are we facing and what can be done to combat them? We have invited experts, active in various branches of the triple helix and asked them to shed their light on this matter.

Notice: upcoming HSD Café will start 16:30h instead of 16:00h.

The HSD Café is set up as follows:

From 16:30 until 17:00, four experts share their insights on the matter through brief presentations:
- Zekeriya Erkin (TU Delft) will give an intro on Cloud Computing Security;
- Paul Visser (deputy chairman of the Cloud Security Alliance) will discuss the character, activities, and relevance of the Cloud Security Alliance and its Dutch chapter.
- Erik Lenten (CTO at Axians) will discuss the architecture of clouds and share his vision and expertise on clouds at the business level.
- Niels Hoffmann (Manager Cloud Services at KPN) will discuss the line of cloud services of KPN

At 17:00 the four brief presentations will be followed by a discussion during which questions can be answered. From 17.30 onwards the bar is open for drinks and there will be ample opportunity to network.

16.30-17.30 Presentation and Discussion
17.30-18.00 Drinks and networking

About the HSD Café
The HSD Cafés are organised for HSD partners ánd those interested on every first and third Thursday of each month (except on public holidays). From cyber security, drones to critical infrastructure, 20 sessions will be organised around security topics relevant for businesses, governments, and knowledge institutions. In the first hour of each HSD Café, experts will briefly present a security topic, dilemma, or innovation, followed by an informal discussion.

The second part of the HSD Café will consist of drinks and a possibility to network. The HSD Cafés provide an excellent opportunity to meet (potential) business partners, bring along your contacts, expand your knowledge, and shape the debate on key security issues of the future. Tell us what you think. Let your voice count, expand your network, and join the debate!

Unfortunately there is no parking available underneath the HSD Campus. From 14.00h. you can park for free in the neighbourhood.