How to Prepare for Ransomware Attacks

14 september 2021
19:00u - 20:00u
Check Point

In the last 12 months, ransomware attacks surged by 93% with a devastating impact on businesses and industries worldwide.
In today’s hybrid IT environment, preventing ransomware attacks seems like an impossible feat. But is it?
Join us, on September 14th at 7 PM for a live session, where we’ll cover the latest ransomware trends and how Check Point can help you protect your organization from falling victim to sophisticated ransomware attacks.

Key Highlights:
- Insights into the recent evolution of ransomware with tactics like “Triple Extortion”
- How to protect your organization from ransomware attacks with Check Point Harmony Endpoint
- In-action demo of our latest anti-ransomware capabilities

Presented by:
Jeff Schwartz, VP of Security Engineering at Check Point Software
Aaron Rose, Security Architect & Office of the CTO at Check Point Software

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