European Identity Summit 2022

27 januari 2022

It is with great pride to introduce 'The European Identity Summit 2022'. A brand new event in Rotterdam.

In a world where almost everything is connected the need for digital trust is a must. Identities are at the heart of our digital society and European governments, companies and knowledge institutions want to be at the forefront globally by developing sustainable policies and solutions for current and future generations based on in-depth research.

During #EIDS2022 these ambitions will be supported by connecting sectors, organisations, networks and people while focusing on 3 different tracks. These being:

Digital Trust
- Security
- Privacy
- Compliancy
- Ethics
- Anti-Fraud

Everything is Identity
- Citizen/Consumer/Employee Identities
- Identity & Access Management
- Digital Identity as the key to Data Sharing
- Qualified Electronic Signatures in practice

Identity of the Future
- Identity of Things
- AI for Good
- Self Sovereign Identity
- Cloud & Platforms

To unlock value, organisations need to make the benefits of digital identity applications very clear to citizens, consumers and employees. Further, they need to embrace the new digital identity paradigm of responsibility, transparency and user control and consent.

The event partners in purpose and keynote speakers will give you the insights and tools to become future-proof and a digital leader in your sector.

Want to join as a partner? Or interested in supporting this event through your network? Get in touch with  and let's create the future of identity together!


More info will follow soon.