Emerging Issues in Cybersecurity: A Quickstart Guide to ISO/UNECE Standards within Automotive

25 juni 2020
16:00u - 17:00u
Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Kingdom of The Netherlands, The Netherlands Consulate General in Chicago, RAI Automotive Industry NL, Riscure and Secura.

Security is quickly becoming an important topic in the automotive domain. What does security mean, how do you include security in your design and for which components is security relevant? This webinar presented by cybersecurity firms Riscure and Secura will answer these questions from 2 perspectives:


-- [ ISO 21434 ] -- Rafael Boix, Riscure

To create a common understanding and to define a common language, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) are developing an industry standard (ISO 21434). The standard defines that any system with an impact on Safety, Finance, Operations or Privacy should be considered cybersecurity relevant. Security is thus a broader topic than safety, and although the security standard has similarities to the well-known ISO26262 functional safety standard, there are significant differences. In this presentation, Riscure gives a high level overview of the upcoming standard, its impact on automotive E/E systems development and its link to the upcoming UNECE vehicle type-approval regulations.


-- [ UNECE ] -- Razvan Venter, Secura From the moment of entry into force, vehicle manufacturers will need to demonstrate compliance with this regulation in order to place their vehicles on the markets governed by UNECE under the 1958 Agreement. The impact of this new regulation could be considerable, especially if manufacturers are not well prepared. To ensure compliance—especially from a development process perspective, it is important to know what to expect and what needs to be updated. Secura presents an overview of the most important requirements under the new regulation, while zooming in onto the specific implications that vehicle manufacturers could expect and consider. To conclude, a summary of possible practical issues will be provided.

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