Elite Nordi-Lux CISO Summit

17 maart 2019 - 19 maart 2019
The Hague, the Netherlands.

Discover, Protect, Recover.


With the evolving threat landscape moving at such an unparalleled speed, the task facing modern IT Security leaders is vast. This gathering is designed to help those leading the fight gain better understanding of how to DISCOVER threats before they happen, PROTECT critical business assets and build a robust strategy to RECOVER from an attack.


The intimate nature of the gatherings lends itself perfectly to building genuine relationships with all of the attendees and the format of the agenda is 100% geared towards education/collaboration around the key challenges.

The summit brings together an intimate group of IT Security leaders from across the Nordics & Benelux regions to discuss and debate topics such as (but not limited to): 

  • Cyber security, is it lost in translation?

  • Identifying and managing the insider threats

  • Creating metrics in line with business

  • Converging data sources to reduce risk

  • What is the true cost of a breach?

  • Deciding if, when and how to automate

  • Managing the use of 3rd party code

  • Creating a seamless post breach procedure

  • Is there really a lack of skills?

  • Cyber Insurance as a preventive measure?

  • Cyber deception and creating honeypots

  • What impact will quantum computing have on security?


This Intimate, Invitation only summit will bring together the brightest minds in the Nordi-Lux security landscape. The agenda has been specifically designed to stimulate thought provoking conversations and build genuine relationships.

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