DITSS Seminar Video Content Analytics

11 maart 2015
15:30u - 19:00u
Tilburg University, Warandelaan 2 Tilburg, TIAS building, TZ5

With the explosive growth in the number of security cameras it is for monitoring and observation employees almost impossible to look at the right time for the right image. The developments in the field of video content analytics and intelligent cameras are becoming increasingly important.

DITSS has in recent months with some of its partners conducted a field lab called 'Anomaly Detection Piusplein Tilburg' commissioned by Tilburg.

To present the results and to look at developments of this theme, DITSS organizes a seminar on March 11 with the title: Video Content Analysis

15:30 Welcome

16.00 Opening and introduction by chairman

16.00 The computer is watching! Eric Postma, TiU TiCC
Automatic detection of abnormal behavior in the entertainment district

16:30 Modern VCA and its applications Rob Wijnhoven, ViNotion

17:00 Status of VCA and its future extensions with 3D Peter de With, TU/e

17:30 Discussion led by chairman

18:00 Netwerkborrel
19:00 End

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