Digital Cyber Security Innovation Mission Taiwan

10 augustus 2020 - 30 oktober 2020
Online mission
Netherlands Enterprise Agency Netherlands Office Taipei Hague Security Delta Innovation Quarter

Are you active in the field of cybersecurity and do you want to explore R&D cooperation or business opportunities in Taiwan? Sign up for the digital cybersecurity innovation mission to meet and pitch your solutions to potential (business) partners.


This mission is a follow up on earlier activities related to cybersecurity in Taiwan. Since 2018 we established an extensive network with the government, academic/ knowledge institutes and the private sector in Taiwan. Various events (including an Innovation Mission in 2019), projects and collaborations already took place. We welcome both previous and new participants to join!


Why Taiwan?

With the significant and increasing number of cyber-attacks on the public and private sector, the Taiwanese government is pro-actively establishing a striving cybersecurity ecosystem through both regulatory reform and economic incentives. The goal goes beyond building up national cyber resilience, but also aim to stimulate the development of the local cybersecurity sector through innovative product development, particularly through partnership with Taiwan’s world renown ICT hardware manufacturers. For more information on the Taiwanese cybersecurity market and opportunities for the Dutch companies, a new report will be made available soon and shared accordingly.


General concept

The digital innovation mission organized by Netherlands Enterprise Agency and the Netherlands Office Taipei, in collaboration with the Hague Security Delta and Innovation Quarter, focuses on helping the Dutch companies to enter the Taiwan market through a combination of actual market demand from Taiwan (and Japan), technical matchmaking and online webinars. The highlight of the mission will be the Call for Solutions for which the Dutch participants can submit their cyber security proposals.

  • Business opportunity Webinars: on market opportunity and technical issues of concern. If you are interested to attend one or both webinars, please register before June 9th.
  • July 17: Partnership Matchmaking: between Taiwanese and Dutch cybersecurity providers  to explore potential collaboration
  • June 1– Oct 9 Call for Solutions, with 10-15 actual demands for cyber solutions from Taiwanese and Japanese Companies (registration required)
    • June 1-July 10: Registration
    • July 6-July 17: Preparation for Pre-announcement
    • July 20 –Aug 7: Pre-announcement and Q&A period
    • Aug 10 -Aug 28: Call for solution
    • Aug 31-Sep 11: Review and Selection
    • Sep 14: Announcing result
    • Sep 21-Oct 9: Online Technical Matchmaking session

For whom

Dutch Cyber Security companies with an interest in Taiwanese and Japanese market, able to provide innovative solutions to companies active in the sectors such as ICT manufacturing, critical infrastructure protection, telecommunication, retail and financial.
In addition, you must comply with the OESO guidelines for multinational enterprises. To assess whether your company or organization meets these conditions, we ask you to complete a MVO self-scan. You will receive this after registering for the mission.


Participation for this digital innovation mission is free of charge. However, we do need your active participation in the preparations (submit cyber solution proposals, provide pitch video, etc.) and during the online meetings. Only companies who register for this mission will receive related information, such as the Call for Solutions.


If you are interested to participate in this digital innovation mission, please register using the online registration form (deadline is July 10).

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