Detection and Indentification of Hazardous Materials

16 oktober 2014
13:00u - 15:30u
HSD Campus
Smiths Detection

Detection and indentification of hazardous materials.
Smiths Detection is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of sensors that detect and identify explosives, weapons, chemical agents, biohazards, nuclear and radioactive material, narcotics and contraband.

SD’s technology helps customers in the global transportation, ports and borders, critical infrastructure, military and emergency responder markets. SD has the most comprehensive range of detection technologies in the world, including ray, trace detection, infra-red and gamma ray spectroscopy, and millimetre-wave.

SD has nine manufacturing centres which are concentrated in North America, Germany, France, Russia, Malaysia and the UK. We sell to over 180 countries around the world either direct or through third-party distributors.

A significant majority of sales are influenced by more than 100 governments and their agencies, including homeland security authorities, customs authorities, emergency responders and the military.

For today several equipment will be demonstrated: The HAZMAT Elite, infra red technology for the detection and identification of fluids, solids and gels. The ACE-ID, laser technology for the “no touch to sample” detection and identification of explosives and narcotics. The LCD 3.3, IMS technology for the detection of Chemical Warfare Agents and Toxic Industrial Chemicals.

You are invited to participate in this demonstration. The demonstration gives you more insight in the capabilities of SD in the security and military world and more practical some equipment already in use within governmental and non-governmental agencies.