Delft Data Science New Year Event 2015: Big Data Analytics for Cyber Situational Awareness

26 januari 2015
12:00u - 17:30u
Delft University of Technology

How aware are you of the traces that you leave behind online? What does creating more cyber situational awareness mean for the future society? How does Data Analytics provide insights in, and solutions for, online threats? How secure is the information that we put online about ourselves and our loved ones? 

The key-note will be given by Gerald Friedland from the International Computer Science Institute, a private, non-profit research laboratory affiliated with the University of California, Berkeley. The title of his talk is Content-based Privacy for Consumer-Produced Multimedia. Current and future developments in internet (larger) scale multimedia analytics, global inference, and linking of information, can circumvent traditional security and privacy barriers. Most people would be surprised how easy it has become to find personal information by combining, deducting and linking the information that is found freely on the internet. Friedland presents the privacy risks, attack vectors, details for a preliminary experiment on account linking, and describes mitigation and educational techniques that will help address these issues. 

The Masterclasses will be given by Sicco Verwer, Zekeriya Erkin, Christian Doerr and Pieter Burghouwt. You will have an exclusive opportunity to learn more about Security and Privacy in Big Data, hacking, botnets, privacy enhancing technology, which are just some of the issues that will be addressed. 

From TNO Martijn Spitters will give a talk about the research at the institute on Anonymizing Darknets. With Tor as one of the most well-known examples, darknets find increasing interest of users who for some reason wish to stay anonymous when online. Anonymity can be a vehicle for whistle-blowers and political dissidents to exchange information, but it can also attract malicious actors. The main goals of TNO's Dark Web research are to develop a detailed understanding of what exactly darknets are being used for, to provide a representative and up-to-date model of their thematic organization and linguistic diversity, and to investigate the practical usefulness of such a model. 

In a panel discussion expertise and current developments are brought together, with important stakeholders in the field such as Fox-IT and Deloitte. The audience will interactively participate in the debate.

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