CYSPA Final Conference: “The Opening of the CYSPA Alliance”

26 maart 2015
10:00u - 18:30u
Nina Olesen - CYSPA project coordinator

This event will aim to gather high level experts and various EU stakeholders such as policy makers, industry representatives, research centres, universities, national and European associations to discuss the outcomes of the CYSPA Project and mark the official opening of the CYSPA Alliance.

CYSPA is the European Cyber Security Protection Alliance. It started in October 2012 as a European collaborative project, by 17 organisations from industry and research who value the importance of being able to protect their assets in cyberspace. CYSPA the project is ending on 31st March 2015, at which point it will move to a self-sustained Alliance open to users, providers and public authorities.

The CYSPA Alliance gathers various EU stakeholders working together to articulate, embody and deliver the concrete actions needed to reduce cyber disruption. The Alliance provides benefit to its members by introducing a sector specific approach to cyber risks, moving to a level of granularity to make the impact of cyber risks relevant to individual organisations.

For more information on the CYSPA Project and the Alliance please visit our website or contact us directly.
CYSPA has also developed a community approach, supported by an online portal for members to ease interaction and access value added services. Until April 2015, you can join CYSPA free-of-charge via the portal.

We very much hope that you will be able to join us on March 26th in Brussels for fruitful discussions and the opportunity to create strong partnerships for the future.