Cybersecurity Risk Management: how to strengthen resilience and adapt in 2021

23 november 2020
10:00u - 12:40u
Trust-IT services, AON, SGS, European Digital SME Alliance, ECS

Purpose and Scope:

Cybersecurity risk management has become a priority for companies and organisations. Staying ahead of threats and regulatory compliance is no joke, let alone how to identify risks, prioritise and take action? So, what steps can you take to ensure resilience and build trust in your services?


This half day webinar covers the practical aspects, while at the same time shares tools and references that can give your organisation an edge in Cybersecurity Risk Management. The speakers featured in the webinar are considered as foremost experts in Europe, but despite this, the Webinar is free of charge and only requires you to register.

  • The AON Risk Assessment Tool (developed within
  • The Digital SME Alliance SME Guide for the Implementation of ISO/IEC 27001
  • Cybersecurity Certification SGS/AEI (being developed within
  • ECSO Working Group 1 Standardisation / Certification / Supply Chain
  • as well as additional special guests from ongoing cybersecurity related projects

Who is it for?

This webinar targets small and medium enterprises that are looking for risk management guidance and tools.


Why attend?

  • Preparing your company to respond to risks with simple tips and best practices;
  • Discovering digital tools and solutions that can help to increase your preparedness;