CyberMatch London Brokerage Event

28 november 2018 - 29 november 2018
Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) London

Enterprise Europe Network  London at Newable is organising a Brokerage Event at the International Security Expo (ISE) 2018. This will take place in London on 28-29 November 2018 at London Olympia.

This will be the perfect opportunity for you to gain access to new markets, up-scale their technological base, marketing and other related topics but especially to meet with like-minded businesses working in the cyber and international security sectors


The event is free of charge.


Please make sure you have registered the International Security Expo website and that your registration has been accepted before registering a profile for the brokerage event. Once your registration has been approved on the ISE website, you will automatically receive a link to register on the CyberMatch  platform.


We might ask you for a confirmation number or contact the ISE organisers before approving your profile on B2Match. All you will have to do then is to complete a profile about your company so we can find a perfect match for you. 


Before the event, you will have the opportunity to request and accept meetings from other participants.

Registration is open until 14 November 2018.

The event in numbers:

  • •        110+ countries represented
  • •        12, 500+ international visitors
  • •        350+ exhibitors

Meetings will take place on both 28 and 29 November.


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