Cyber Security Talk, A Singaporean Approach

18 mei 2015
18:15u - 20:30u
HSD Campus, Education Room 2
Dionach and HackersHub

Cyber security talk by professor Aditya P Mathur on the 18th of May at the HSD campus

Professor and Head, Aditya P Mathur, of Singapore University of Technology and Design’s Information Systems Technology, Will be the head speaker at this event. He will be addressing : Design of safe and secure Cyber Physical Systems: A Technical Overview of Singapore’s Unique Approach.

• 18:15-18:30 – everyone meets in the Room.
• 18:30-18:45 – Short introduction to Singapore Cyber Security (briefing). Also Introduction speech by Ida Haisma.
• 18:45-19:45- Professor Aditya P Mathur’s talk on Cyber Physical Systems: A technical Overview of Singapore’s Unique Approach.
• 19:45-20:30 - Drinks and networking.

Agenda Points of the talk:
• Cyber threats to public infrastructure.
• Cyber Security Research tracks at SUTD
• Experimentally investigating weakness in public infrastructure defenses.
• Design of orthogonal defense mechanisms for public infrastructure.
• Summary and Future work.

Target audience
• Students at Universities following a related study.
• Cyber security academy students.
• Anyone who visits the HSD cafes.
• Cyber security related companies.

Why students should attend
The Singaporean government is actively looking for students and IT security professionals to pursue careers in Singapore. A few government representatives and recruiters will be present, looking for talent during this event. They are looking for a wide variety of students with specializations in different areas related to Cyber Security, Incident response, Crisis management and other fields.

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