An afternoon with Rolls Royce and Fox-IT on IT/OT Cyber Risk Management

14 september 2017
14:00u - 17:00u
CGE Innovation Center, Leidschendam
CGE Risk Management Solutions

14:00 Welcome with coffee and tea
15.00 Marcel van Oirschot, Commercial Director and Board Member at Fox-IT (part of NCC):
Why do we have cyber criminals and what is their right of existence? Is prevention better than curing?
15.45 Arjan Verboom Program Director at CGE Risk Management Solutions:
‘Introduction to the BowTie Barrier Management approach’
16.15 Peter Ralph Enterprise Risk Manager at Rolls Royce:
‘Why use the Bowtie approach to communicate about cyber security in your organization?’
17:00 Drinks and snacks

When we talk about cyber security risks we talk about preventing hackers from stealing sensitive data and prevent hackers from tampering with your equipment. Like many other complicated ‘major hazards’ risks, it is not always easy to get an overview of risks – and to understand how to manage these risks.

We aim to make risks understandable. We believe in a ‘barrier based’ approach to risk management. This means: understanding the relations between all relevant aspects of ‘major hazards’, in a visual manner. This will allow you to understand the context – and to understand what ‘barriers’ are critical for your mission critical processes. Applying the bowtie method will help you to get an overview to understand the context – and which barriers you should focus on to manage your risk.