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Hudson Cybertec, Compumatica, Checkpoint, Secura, Accenture, TNO, Booz Allen Hamilton, Tesorion
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Operational Technology (OT) refers to all hardware and software that is being used for the management of operational processes in the physical world, such as monitoring and controlling machinery. OT, often embedded in Industrial Control Systems (ICS), is most prevalent in critical infrastructure and the industrial sector. Partly due to the fact that OT and IT networks are becoming increasingly interconnected, cybersecurity risks for OT-infrastructures continue to grow and evolve.


Community of Practice

To navigate the changing cyberthreat landscape in which OT operates, HSD Office has set up an OT-security Community of Practice (CoP). The CoP is a collection of OT-security experts from the public sector, the private sector, and knowledge institutes. Through this triple-helix approach, the CoP has dedicated itself to sharing knowledge and raising awareness on OT-security. The CoP engages in the following activities.


1) Expert-sessions

The CoP organises regular thematic expert-sessions, during which a certain OT-security topic is explored in depth, to facilitate the discussion amongst the public and private organisations.


2) Knowledge platform

By collecting and displaying relevant OT-security reports, blogs, whitepapers and other content on the platform ‘Security Insight’, the CoP stimulates knowledge sharing and enhances awareness spreading on OT-security. Moreover, a special OT-newsletter is distributed to point all interested parties to the latest developments and updates. More info:


3) Internationalisation

Through making a connection with the international programmes that Security Delta (HSD) has set up, the CoP also works actively on spreading their knowledge and innovations internationally.


4) Innovation

Finally, the CoP actively supports the development of innovations in the OT-security sector.


HSD also publiced a collective research report on OT-Security: Implications of OT and IT: Integration for Cyber Security. 



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