Cyber Resilience Centre Greenport

Initiative by:  
Greenport West-Holland, HSD, Royal Flora Holland, Interpolis-Achmea, Delphy, Dutch Fresh Port/VBO, Hoogendoorn Automatisering, Glastuinbouw Nederland, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Province South-Holland, GroentenFruit Huis
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Cyber Resilience centre Greenport West-Holland is to be the main centre of expertise and information on cybersecurity issues in the horticultural cluster. This includes the entire chain from seed companies to trade, but also the tech companies and other businesses catering to the cluster. With a Coalition of Doing consisting of important organisations in the entire supply chain of the horticulture sector, we are working to make the centre fully operational. The initial stage will be on a regional level, with national upscaling as a distinct possibility for the future.


Digital security can only be achieved by working together. That’s why the Cyber Resilience Centre Greenport West-Holland wants to co-operate with entrepreneurs in the horticultural cluster, including horticultural businesses and providers of other services. Would you like to know more? Email us at



What are the goals and activities of the Cyber Resilience Centre Greenport West-Holland?


The Cyber Resilience Centre Greenport West-Holland will aim to distribute current and relevant threat-information on a strategical, tactical and operational level. To ensure that crucial information reaches the correct organisations and people, awareness on cybersecurity must be raised amongst entrepreneurs, CEO’s, managers and employees.


As part of this programme, a digital ‘hotline’ will be erected to provide advice and assistance to victims of cyberattacks. Advice on securing your systems will also be collected and shared on vulnerabilities in hardware and software. In addition, expert-meetings will be facilitated to increase the sharing of knowledge and stimulate networking. This will enable participants to collectively acquire cybersecurity-services from businesses to achieve the best solution for their specific situation.



Results so far:


  • In 2020 an analysis was made on the impact of cyber-vulnerabilities as requested by the Economic Board of South-Holland. Indicative costs of combatting vulnerabilities range between 2 and 4 billion euros per year in the province of South-Holland. On a yearly basis, about 20% of SMEs will fall prey to a cyberattack. Based on these results, the Cyber Resilience Centre for Greenport West-Holland was advised to be called into life.
  • In October of 2020 Greenport West-Holland and Security Delta (HSD) signed an alliance agreement to co-operate closely in the field of cybersecurity in the horticultural sector. HSD took place on the Greenboard, Greenport West-Holland’s council of partners.
  • The Province of South-Holland and Greenport West-Holland tasked the Hague University of Applied Sciences with performing a sectoral analysis for digital security in the horticultural sector of Greenport West-Holland. This task is meant to chart the sector’s supply chain, and the cyberrisk associated with it.
  • In July of 2021 a kick-off session took place between the organisations involved with this DTC application. This session involved six directors within the supply chain, as well as two overarching cluster organisations, as well as several supporting organisations. The ‘Coalition of the Willing’ assembled here was later dubbed the ‘Coalition of the Doing’, to more accurately portray the coalition’s willingness to take the initiative. This Coalition of Doing has met several times over the previous months to shape the application, based amongst other things on the results of the sectoral measurement.
  • On October 8th 2021, Greenport West-Holland’s board unanimously voted to support the Cyber Resilience Centre Greenport West-Holland. This means the initiative enjoys broad support from a variety of representatives from the following organisations: Delphy, Juva, Rabobank Rotterdam, VNO-NCW West, AgroEnergy, HSD, Rabobank Regio Den Haag, InnovationQuarter, Dunea, Duijvestijn Tomaten, BDO Haaglanden, Hoogendoorn Batenburg, Dutch Frech Port, VNO-NCW West-Oostland, Vertify, Rotterdam Partners, GroentenFruit Huis, Koppert Biological Systems, Royal FloraHolland, Forever Plants Group, AVAG, Interpolis-Achmea, VBO, Word Horti Center, Dutch Fresh Port, TNO, Glastuinbouw Nederland.


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