Cyber Resilience Centre Manufacturing South Holland

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Boers & Co., Hittech, Batenburg Techniek, Lely, Koninklijke Metaalunie, FME, Security Delta (HSD), Hi Delta, InnovationQuarter
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The number of cyber attacks is on the rise. This also poses growing risks for companies in the manufacturing industry, especially due to their strong dependence on IT and Operational Technology (OT) systems, which are needed to control and read machines. In early 2024, the Cyber Resilience Centre Manufacturing South Holland was launched as part of Security Delta's (HSD) sectoral cyber resilience approach in close cooperation with many parties.


The Cyber Resilience Centre Manufacturing Industry South Holland helps companies increase their digital security in both IT and OT areas. The main focus within the centre lies on OT-security since the manufacturing sector heavily depends on operational technology (OT). OT technology is crucial for controlling, monitoring and managing physical processes within (vital) organisations. When these systems fail or experience problems on a large scale, the consequences for manufacturing companies and related supply chain partners can be significant. Managing risks in this area requires specific knowledge, skills and cooperation.


In addition, the safety of the chain is crucial, as logistics processes are often interconnected: Lean delivery, Just-In-Time (JIT) are just a few examples. Should IT/OT failures disrupt these processes, negative consequences will extend throughout the chain.


What do participants get?

Companies that join the Cyber Resilience Centre get, among other things:

  • Access to a digital counter, where they can ask questions to cyber security experts.
  • Up-to-date and relevant threat information.
  • Access to a toolbox with practical guidelines to improve your organisation's cybersecurity.

The initiators of Cyber Resilience Centre Manufacturing South Holland work closely with Cyber Resilience Centres Brainport, FERM & Greenport, the Centre for Security & Digitalisation (CVD), The Hague University of Applied Sciences (Cyber Resilience Netherlands Programme) and Cyber Network Drechtsteden, DigitalZH, Province of Zuid-Holland, Economic Board Zuid-Holland, MRDH, Digital Trust Centre and RVO. By connecting regions, we aim to combat fragmentation.


More info?

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Pieter Schneider
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Anne Visser
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