Petri Murtomäki
Kelloportinkatu 1 B
33100 Tampere

There is a large concentration of safety & security sector players in the Tampere region. Tampere region is a forerunner in security sector expertise, entrepreneurship, research and training. The cluster has been founded in 2011 by an initiative from the Counsil of the Tampere Region.


Co-operation networks have seen the Tampere Region become characterised as an expert in security as well as a safe and attractive living and business environment. The extensive national and international networks that the participants are involved in allow the results of the cluster to spread nationwide and internationally.


The objective is to make the Tampere Region known as a centre for the security sector and a region that actively develops security. Co-operation networks facilitate social development and help create the best conditions for meeting the challenges related to security. Co-operation networks will also lead to more discernible social impact than ever before.


The Tampere region safety & security cluster focuses on:

  • Creating a bridge between different actors;

  • Responding to challenges in security & safety by increasing collaboration between actors;

  • Bringing research, education and practice together to create synergy;

  • New business opportunities;

  • Establishing safety & security brand for Pirkanmaa region.