Paardenbloemsingel 40, 3452BT, Vleuten, The Netherlands

Secuza, a cybersecurity startup headquartered in the Netherlands, is committed to delivering affordable, reliable, and sustainable security solutions to our clients. Our vision is straightforward: to become the premier, cost-effective, and dependable cybersecurity consultancy. We're dedicated to strengthening security and risk management in organizations, transforming security into a driver of business expansion. At our core, we believe security is a fundamental right. To empower this belief, we offer market-leading cybersecurity services at affordable rates, ensuring businesses remain resilient against cyber threats.


Why Secuza?

Our Unique Approach enables seamless integration of security with agile teams and businesses, fostering collaboration and adaptation to dynamic environments. With Extensive Industry & Technical Expertise, we deliver innovative, high-quality services tailored to diverse technical challenges and industry-specific demands. We prioritize Affordability, providing effective and reliable security solutions at competitive prices without compromising quality. Holding Industry Certification, we are ISO 27001:2013 certified, ensuring the highest level of competency and reliability. Our services are Tailor-made to match your unique needs and preferences, adapting seamlessly to evolving requirements. Additionally, we offer Continuous Advisory Services, providing ongoing guidance and support to enhance your security posture and adapt to emerging threats and challenges.


At Secuza, we're not just a cybersecurity startup; we're your trusted partner in safeguarding your business and ensuring its resilience in an ever-changing digital landscape.