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The European Organisation for Security (EOS) is the voice of the European security industry and research community. Operating in 15 different countries, EOS Members provide security research, solutions and services across many security domains, including border, cyber, transport and crisis management.


EOS Past and Present

For over a decade, EOS has promoted the development of a harmonised European security market. Ultimately, a holistic European security community will deliver innovative, sustainable and efficient solutions, and ensure a more secure environment for Europe's citizens. EOS has been advancing the perspectives and expertise of the European security community to international regulators since 2007. Increasingly, such engagement and best-practice sharing has broadened to address new priority issues such as integrated border management, soft target and critical infrastructure protection.


EOS' Governance

All EOS Members are represented in the General Assembly which approves annual financial statements and appoints the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is the governing body of EOS, which looks after EOS members’ interests and is empowered to set EOS policy, objectives and overall direction.

EOS' Reach

At the European level, EOS is actively engaged with the European Union, which is leading the way in developing security policy and setting industry standards that are subsequently implemented at national and international levels. We are working on a wide range of issues with the EU institutions, Member States Ministries, key agencies and other European stakeholders. Globally, EOS speaks on behalf of the security industry and research community before international bodies such as IATA, ICAO and WCO.


Cooperation & Consortia

The complexity of European security threats calls for sophisticated and long-term solutions. As a result, the security industry is increasingly reliant on cooperation and consortia to bring innovation to market. EOS works closely with its Members and the broader industry and research community to form consortia that are successfully participating in major European research and innovation projects. In this way, the voice of the security industry is shaping the future development of security solutions, and driving the delivery of new commercial products in the long term.


Experience & Expertise

EOS is organised around Working Groups that draw upon industry experts from a range of different fields, specifically, security screening and detection technologies, cyber security, integrated border security, and crisis management. The Working Groups produce policy positions that drive the creation of effective EU security policy and standards by policymakers.