Students from 23 Countries Selected for International Cyber Security Summer School 2023

03 mei 2023
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Registration for the International Cyber Security Summer School has closed and after long deliberation, 60 students from over 23 countries have been selected to participate in this week-long programme taking place 20-25 August 2023.


During the International Cyber Security Summer School participants follow multidisciplinary lectures from public, private, and knowledge institutions in a weeklong programme. Partners also offer challenges across a variety of subjects, so all participants can tackle a challenge at their level and in their field of interest. 


Announcement: participating partners

Many HSD partners are involved to create an interesting programme for the students by providing amongst others lectures and challenges. This year's edition the following organisations are involved: NATO Communications and Information Agency, Europol, Leiden University, KPN Security, Booz Allen Hamilton, ICTRecht, Accenture Security, connect2trust, The National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security, KPMG, Secura, EclecticIQ, Awareways, CFLW Cyber Strategies, Chapter8, and Codean. 



In addition to the lectures and challenges, the programme consists of several networking opportunities for organisations and students, as well as visits to headquarters of partners. ICSSS 2022 saw participants visiting Europol and the NATO Communications and Information Agency. Another highlight of the programme every year is the HR event, where partners can give a pitch on their organisation, and can discuss with students. This year's programme is due to be revealed soon, but promises to be full of activities, including another HR event, networking opportunities, BBQ's and interactive lectures.


For more information on the International Cyber Security Summer School, visit the website. Or watch last year's aftermovie:



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