Start of World Class The Hague 2022/2023

27 okt 2022
Auteur: HSD Foundation

On Wednesday 19 October the first lecture of the World Class The Hague 2022/2023 took place at the HSD Campus. Invited to speak during the Cyber Security Week in The Hague, Erik de Jong of Fox-IT talked about his experiences on the field of cyber security. He addressed both his successes and his failures. 


Cyber security has become an import topic for the city of The Hague, which not only profiles itself as the international city of peace and justice but also of (cyber)security. Many companies in this field have settled in The Hague. De Jong discussed why it is such an important topic for The Hague and how you can protect your privacy from others. After the lecture and the Q&A the event ended with a networking reception.


The World Class The Hague is a talent programme for international students in The Hague. During an academic year, students are offered a series of lectures of the field of Peace & Justice, but always from a different perspective. Through this programme the students will get a better view on what The Hague has to offer as the international city of peace and justice, maybe even find carreer opportunities and make friends with students from other universities in The Hague. The World Class is organised by the Municipality of The Hague.


Source: Martin Born-Wiezer

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