National Technology Strategy Integrates Agenda Cybersecurity Technologies

07 juni 2024
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy Micky Adriaansens shared the Agenda Cybersecurity Technologies today. To respond to increasing digital threats from cybercriminals and state actors, Dutch cyber resilience must be increased. The goal of the agenda is to realise this by investing in knowledge and innovation, and manpower/talent. Examples of this include the incorporation of AI possibilities for security, and well-trained cybersecurity personnel.


These and other takeaways are key to the Agenda Cybersecurity Technologies, which will be incorporated into the National Technology Strategy. This agenda is used to determine the Dutch ambitions when it comes to cybersecurity. The future vision shared in the agenda is of a competitive Netherlands in cybersecurity, with ample talent, and an internationally leading position in innovative cybersecurity technologies through a multidisciplinary approach.


The contribution of these technologies is essential to secure infrastructure and IT- and OT networks, the transition to post-quantum cryptography, and more automatic detection and protection through the use of AI. Through research and more public-private partnerships, at a national and international level, the knowledge position of the Netherlands has grown. This leads to cybersecurity being an integrated facet of Dutch sectors by applying security-by-design, security-by-default, and cybersecurity in the supply chain of organisations and business chains, all leading to a digitally secure, resilient, autonomous and prosperous Netherlands.


"How the agenda will be put into practice with concrete action is something the coming cabinet will have to determine", Adriaansens said. "The goal is clear. With sound investments in cybersecurity knowledge and innovation, we can ensure that The Netherlands remains secure and prosperous in the future."


To formulate this agenda, two roundtables took place with experts from Universiteit Leiden, Universiteit Twente, Microsoft, TNO, Cyberveilig Nederland, Fortytwo, Compumatica, Topsector ICT, Darktrace, dcypher, NLdigital, Technolution, Fox-IT, and Thales.


Read the full agenda here.

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