Investment in Deep-tech Startup Roseman Labs

07 sept 2023
Auteur: HSD Foundation

German deep tech funds Matterwave Ventures, Spacewalk VC and Dutch fund NP-Hard Ventures are investing in deep tech pioneer Roseman Labs. Roseman Labs enables organisations to collaborate on data without exchanging that data. With its pioneering Virtual Data Lake, parties such as healthcare institutions, banks and energy companies can link and analyse (personal) data without sharing privacy-sensitive source data. This allows, among other things, comparison of treatment methods of hospitals, without compromising patient privacy. Privacy rules in Europe are becoming stricter, while the need for data sharing is increasing. With its technology, Roseman Labs offers a solution to this challenge.


Roseman Labs' software is easy to implement. A recent example is application in a unique data workshop for healthcare organisations. This enables participants to safely gather insights and learn more about the quality and effectiveness of care, making analysis of the patient journey possible without personal data of patients becoming public.


Expertise and experience


Soon after its establishment in 2020, Roseman Labs could count the leading National Cyber Security Centre among its customers. Meanwhile, the deep tech company operates in the healthcare, social, justice and security, financial and energy sectors. The Netherlands is prominent on the world stage of cryptography. Roseman Labs' technology is so powerful that it can compete with technology from several top international players. With this investment, the organisation not only attracts new resources, but it also gets additional expertise and experience on board to bring its technology to market faster. Matterwave Ventures invests in European early-stage industrial hardware and software companies. Spacewalk is a deep-tech VC fund and is part of Motius, an R&D company that has the expertise of more than 800 experts on board. NP-Hard Ventures is an early-stage Dutch tech fund.


Foreign expansion


Roderick Rodenburg, CEO and co-founder of Roseman Labs: "With this investment, we are taking the next step as a company. We have a rock-solid team, combining PhD-level cryptography with software engineering, information security and business and product development. We have a pioneering product for secure, privacy-proof data exchange. This investment gives us room to grow and take new steps in marketing our technology, especially abroad."


Complete privacy


"We were impressed by the team's expertise and experience, both in an academic and commercial context. Moreover, Roseman Labs' platform enables unprecedented performance in data sharing projects, while maintaining full privacy," says Benedikt Kronberger, General Partner of Matterwave Ventures. "We see many different applications in the industrial sector, from semiconductors to manufacturing and energy. We believe that connecting data across institutional and geographical boundaries is going to create enormous value by supporting analytics that were not possible before."


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