Cyber Crisis Simulation for SMEs at The Hague City Hall

02 okt 2023
Auteur: HSD Foundation

During Hack The Hague on 2 October, a Cyber Boost Session for entrepreneurs was organised by the Municipality of The Hague and CCRC (Cyber Chain Resilience Consortium) in collaboration with Security Delta (HSD). The purpose of this event is to create more awareness on digital security.


During this three-hour interactive event in the Boardroom of the The Hague City Hall, cybersecurity experts showed entrepreneurs what to do when a cyber crisis occurs. How do you and your employees respond in the case of a cyberattack? The CCRC showcased realistic scenarios where entrepreneurs can actively participate to gain understanding on their cyber risks and share experiences with peers. 


The involvement of Security Delta (HSD) is part of our 'CyberKracht' programme.



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