aXite Security Tools Upgrades to Premium Partnership

23 mrt 2022
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Earlier this year, aXite Security Tools took the decision to upgrade their network partnership with Security Delta (HSD) into a premium partnership. They are a cybersecurity company focussed on data-driven solutions for Operational Technology (OT), that secures technical installations against cyber-attacks and data leaks. Furthermore, aXite Security Tools supports asset management, and delivers innovative solutions to ensure system integrity and full compliance with security directives.


The importance of OT Security

One of aXite Security Tools’ main reasons for upgrading to a premium partnership, is to more effectively increase awareness of the rising importance of the security of Operational Technology (OT). Many existing partners are especially knowledgeable in the field of Information Technology, but aXite Security Tools sees benefit in increasing the knowledge of OT within the cluster, while keeping up a shared focus on in-depth defense. Extending the cluster in this sector was one of the main reasons for them to upgrade their partnership.


This expertise in OT is best displayed in their development of an intelligent OEM independent platform, which includes a Gatekeeper. This solution enables End Point protection of legacy assets at field level. aXite Security Tools has knowledge in the airport industry, where security, personal data and safety go hand in hand. They are a knowledge partner of the Information Security Hub at Airport Munich, a training facility for security experts, and a cyber security competence centre. aXite Security Tools provides trainings and demonstrations here in co-operation with the Airport Council Europe.


Sharing knowledge in security

We look forward to the added value that we will experience from aXite Security Tools joining the HSD cluster as a premium partner. They will participate in the PIB Cybersecurity USA program over the next few years and joining a trade mission to San Francisco in June 2022. Alongside this, they will share valuable information and best practices during an HSD Café later this year, and support clients in compliance with industrial standards.


The company is also constantly trying to tackle a challenge they deem the biggest in the security domain. “For too long, the focus has been on vulnerable code”, says aXite Security Tools’ Lars Willemsen. “The cybersecurity industry has tried to protect vulnerable systems by establishing digitally as well physically based perimeters around them, with firewalls, and antivirus software. It didn’t work.”


The solution? “It is essential to understand why and where vulnerabilities exist”, he continues. “Knowledge and understanding of the vulnerabilities are essential to be able to ensure the appropriate security. Transformation is needed from this perimeter focus to a focus on users, assets, and resources at specific locations.”


We at Security Delta (HSD) look forward to a fruitful co-operation with aXite Security Tools to build a more secure future together.

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