aXite Security Tools and DTACT Enter Strategic Partnership

17 mei 2024
Auteur: HSD Foundation

HSD Partners aXite Security Tools and DTACT have announced they are entering into a strategic partnership to strengthen the resilience of Operational Technology (OT) systems. aXite Security Tools is an established Dutch Operational Technology player, while DTACT specialises in fusing and visualising big data streams for actionable purposes. 


Data integrity is increasingly crucial for the safety, efficiency and reliability of OT systems. For instance, the growing reliance on automated systems and data analytics in industrial environments increases the impact of erroneous or manipulated data. With this collaboration, aXite Security Tools and DTACT are responding to this. The partnership is also in line with the new proposition of aXite Security Tools, which puts more emphasis on data integrity. Together, aXite Security Tools and DTACT want to develop data processing techniques that better guarantee the integrity and security of OT systems.



DTACT and aXite Security previously collaborated on the AX-VISION Board. The AX-VISION Board acts as a risk management tool, giving organisations control and insight into their OT infrastructure. It gives users insight at every level within an organisation. For example, security engineers at site level can identify which machines are not properly protected. And executives get an overview on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis, providing a broader perspective. Automated analysis and alerts enable faster response to potential threats and ensure operational continuity.


Bert Willemsen (pictured left), CEO at aXite Security Tools: ‘This expanded partnership with DTACT fits perfectly into our new proposition where we are putting more emphasis on data integrity. By combining our areas of expertise, we can more effectively anticipate and respond to the rapidly evolving threat landscape in OT environments, providing our customers with even more powerful security and data solutions.’


Sander Swinkels (pictured right), Co-founder & CEO at DTACT: ‘We are looking forward to working with aXite Security Tools. By combining our complementary skills, we can jointly develop innovative data integrity solutions that help organisations keep their OT systems secure in an ever-changing digital world.’


Source (in Dutch): Dutch IT Channel


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