Workshop on Cyber Defence and Security

08 september 2015 - 09 september 2015
08:30u - 15:00u
Diamant Business and Conference Centre, Belgium
RHEA Group

Security monitoring and protection
Organizations have become increasingly dependent on networks and computer systems to support their business operations and services. Unfortunately, as this dependency has grown, the motives and capabilities of cyber adversaries to attack these systems are also increasing. Attackers are often able to penetrate computer systems to extract sensitive information, tamper with accuracy of the information and prevent access to essential services. Given the organizational dependency on the systems and services, any one of these tactics can have significant negative impacts on an organization's business capabilities, reputation and liabilities. In the era of open networks and cloud computing, attackers continue to find more venues to exploit these systems to cause substantial damage.

To address these problems, the PANOPTESEC and PaaSword projects are developing beyond-the-state-of-the-art tools to protect and defend critical information technology systems and services supporting a range of corporate, agency and small to medium enterprise needs.

An opportunity to shape the progress of two innovative cyber security projects
The PANOPTESEC and PaaSword project invite you to come and help shape the project approaches and future outcomes. Through participation in interactive presentations and discussion, participants will have the opportunity to respond to comprehensive presentation of each project’s concepts, challenges and innovations, with feedback. It is the intent of both projects to receive the feedback, analyze it and adjust project approaches accordingly. Through this interactive process, the projects hope to validate existing concepts or otherwise steer the project in a direction that will better serve a wider market scope.

Each day of the two-day program is intended to target a different audience:
• 08 Sept: Cloud service providers and SMEs contemplating use of cloud services
• 09 Sept: Agency level and large enterprise organizations

• 08:30-09:00: Guest registration
• 09:00-09:15: Welcome
• 09:15-10:45: PANOPTESEC project presentation and feedback
• 10:45-11:00: Coffee break
• 11:00-12:30: PaaSword project presentation and feedback
• 12:30-13:30: Lunch
• 13:30-15:00: Interactive demonstrations and discussion