Virtual Global Payment Summit Spotlight Days

24 november 2020

The Virtual Global Payment Summit Community is gathering. It starts with two informative insightful sessions complimentary. 


The agendas are deliberately aimed at attracting high-level decision-makers from payment regulators, experts and practicioners through informative, relevant, and challenging peer to peer presentations. Following the spotlight, quarterly, each region will have a one day workshop to update the industry on developments. This workshop will be formatted similar to one of the conference days.


Europe Spotlight

24 November 2020

First Session Starts: London - 09:00 (Alternate time zones - New York 04:00 ; Dubai 13:00 ; Singapore 17:00) 


Session 1 - 60 minutes

How big is the COVID-19 economic crisis compared to the 2008 Financial crisis?  What does this mean for the oversight and operation of payment systems and the wider economy?


Session 2 - 60 minutes

CBDCs/stablecoins how are they developing in the region and their implications for existing payment infrastructures and channels (competing or coexistence)?


Asia Spotlight

9 December 2020

First Session Starts: Singapore - 14:00 (Alternate time zones - London 06:00 ; Dubai 10:00 ; Sydney 17:00)


Session 1 - 60 minutes

What are the big challenges facing payments in the Asian Region?


Session 2 - 60 minutes

SWIFT-hosted session focused on Cross Border Initiatives/GPI