Training: Secure your Industrial Control System

12 september 2013 - 13 september 2013
09:00u - 16:30u
Technical University Eindhoven (TUe)
The International Society of Automation (ISA) hosted by Hudson Cybertec
Cyber Attacks? How does your company deal with it? Is your knowledge of security of Industrial Control Systems sufficient? Can you assess the risks that might disturb your process? Register now for the official ISA two-day training course “Secure your Industrial Control System, using the ANSI/ISA99 standard”. With the recent cyber-attacks on amongst others, the ING bank still fresh in mind, the necessity to secure computers within your organization is evident. But what about your process and production automation? With increasing complexity of automation controlling your production and processes, it’s essential for your organization to get informed about the cyber risks and how to guard against cyber incidents. The training course enables you to setup a Cyber Security Management System, following the IAS99 model. This is an essential basis to control the cyber risks for your organization in a structured and cost efficient way.