Smart Security Week 2018

24 september 2018 - 26 september 2018
Palais du Pharo: 58 Boulevard Charles Livon, 13007 Marseille, France
European Commission, Secured Communicating Solutions

The Smart Security Week is an Innovation Summer Forum. The 2018 program contains four conferences, exhibitions, demos, workshops and tutorials. 


For who?

Public and private sector organizations that are deploying/planning to deploy identity-based solutions and Cybersecurity strategies: government and enterprise strategy and project planners, online identity and digital services providers, system developers, implementers, managers and industry leaders.


Why attend?

  • See new perspectives and opportunities concerning your own e-ID/Cybersecurity plans in public and private sectors.
  • World-class networking with influential participants: key industry and top-level government representatives attend
  • Put new technologies in perspective: the program balances innovation tracks and inspiring case studies
  • The best of world’s e-ID projects:  the most inspiring large scale projects from around the world to foster exchanges on approaches, initiatives and results
  • World Smart Week: 2 complementary co-located conferences, exhibition, workshops… add content and attendance synergies around embedded security, security analytics.

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