PI.lab annual conference Big data and Privacy

09 december 2016
09:30u - 17:00u
Louwman Museum, Leidsestraatweg 57, The Hague
The Privacy and Identity lab organizes its annual conference this year around the topic of big data and privacy. The conference will be aimed at discussing novel developments from a scientific and a societal/business perspective. Given the widespread dissemination of data and the increasing sophistication of machine learning techniques, privacy as a fundamental right requires special attention. Within the PI.lab research is done on technical, legal, societal and business oriented topics, in order to offer better privacy respecting solutions and to enable critical reflection on present day trends. The conference brings together researchers, practitioners, business people and policy makers to get latest insights and discuss critical issues. Topics cover the expectations concerning the pending new privacy legislation (General Data Protection Regulation), novel encryption approaches to enable smart identity and privacy solutions, societal behavior in the advent of the big data society, a philosophical reflection on privacy and technology, and a privacy framework under construction. Two panels complete the programme.

The PI.lab is a cooperation between the Radboud University, Tilburg University and TNO. The three institutes combine their expertise in research and innovation for privacy and electronic identitites. Overall, some 50 researchers work on technical, legal, societal and policy issues concerning privacy and eID. The resulting knowledge and expertise is used to bring forward new tools and perspectives for new applications and services that help promoting privacy and offering the appropriate eID tools.